The following is a list of the abbreviations used in this publication to identify the party labels that appeared on the various state ballots for the Presidential, Senate and House candidates in the 1996 primary and general elections. The designation of a party label by a candidate may vary from state to state due to differences in state law. The party label listed may not necessarily represent a political party organization.

ACP      A Connecticut Party                   
AF       America First                         
AIP      American Independent Party            
AKI      Alaskan Independence Party            
AM       American Party                        
AMC      American Constitution Party           
AMS      Americans                             
ATX      U.S. Taxpayers Party of Arkansas      
C        Conservative Party                    
CNC      Concerned Citizens Party              
CNJ      New Jersey Conservative Party         
CP       Colorado Prohibition Party            
CST      Constitutional Party                  
D        Democratic Party                      
DC       D.C. Statehood Party                  
DFL      Democrat/Farmer/Labor Party           
FNP      Future Now Party                      
FRE      Freedom Party                         
FWC      Francis Worley Congress               
GCN      Green Coalition                       
GMN      Green Party Minnesota                 
GRA      Green Party of Arkansas               
GRC      Green Party of Colorado               
GRN      Green Party                           
GRT      Grassroots Party                      
GRT-VT   Grassroots Party of Vermont           
I        Independent                           
IAP      Independent American Party            
IDP      Independence Party                    
IGR      Independent Grassroots                
IPC      Independent Peoples Coalition         
JPR      Jobs, Property Rights                 
L        Liberal Party                         
LB       Looking Back Party                    
LBT      Libertarian Party                     
LBT-I    Libertarian Party of Iowa             
LEC      Liberty, Ecology, Community           
LU       Liberty Union Party                   
MTX      Mississippi Taxpayers Party           
N        Nonpartisan                           
NJI      New Jersey Independents               
NL       Natural Law Party                     
NP       Nominated by Petition                 
NPA      No Party Affiliation                  
NPP      New Progressive Party                 
NTX      New Hampshire Taxpayers Party         
O        Other                                 
P        Prohibition                           
PAC      Pacific                               
PAT      Patriot Party                         
PC       Politicians are Crooks                
PF       Protecting Freedom                    
PFP      Peace and Freedom Party               
PPD      Popular Democratic Party              
PRI      Puerto Rican Independence Party       
R        Republican Party                      
REF      Reform Party                          
RES      Resource Party                        
RP       Running on Principles                 
RTL      Right to Life Party                   
SAR      Socialist Party of Arkansas           
SAV      Save Medicare                         
SEP      Socialist Equality Party              
SOC      Socialist Party, USA                  
SWC      Socialist Workers Campaign            
SWP      Socialist Workers Party               
TLL      Truth, Life, Liberty                  
TXP      Taxpayers Party                       
U        Unenrolled                            
UIP      Unaffiliated Independent Party        
UM       Umoja Party                           
UN       Unaffiliated                          
USA      Undauntable Stalwart Alliance         
UST      U.S. Taxpayers Party                  
VR       Virginia Reform Party                 
VTX      Virginia Taxpayers Party              
W        Write-In                              
WC       Working Class                         
WTP      We the People                         
WW       Workers World Party                   

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