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E&J Conversion Tables: Past-to-Current Citations


The Appendix lists current regulations that were previously cited at different sections of the regulations. The Appendix is designed to be used in conjunction with the Citation Index. To locate the Link/Notice# of the Explanation and Justification (E&J) for the earlier cite, refer to the Citation Index.

How to Use the Appendix

Suppose you wanted to identify the previous citations for 11 CFR 100.2. Go to the Appendix Main Page and look for the part of the regulations that include 100.2; click on the link for PART 100: Scope and Definitions. Scroll down the chart and looking at the left column, locate 100.2; then, following along the row to the right column, you would find the previous citation was 100.6. To learn the year of this previous citation, as well as the location of the E&J for 100.6, you would navigate to the Citation Index Main Page, find the link that includes 100.6 and click on that link: Part 100: Scope and Definitions; Subpart A: General Definitions [100.1 - 100.50]. Once on that page, scroll down the chart to where 100.6 is listed. There you would find that the definition of election (now located at 100.2) was previously given at 100.6 in 1975, and again in 1977. To review the previous E&J for the term "election," you would click on the links in the "Year/Link" column.

Conversion Table for 1979 and 1980 Regulations

As a result of the 1979 Amendments to the Federal Election Campaign Act (the Act), the regulations were reorganized and many citations were changed. This conversion index sorts out the changes that occurred to Parts 100-115 and 9008. However, the table does not include those sections that were not altered by the 1979 Amendments and the resulting revisions to the regulations.

The column titles read from left to right as follows:

To look up an E&J for a particular citation and year listed in the index, refer to the Citation Index for the Link/Notice # listed.


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