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Reports Analysis Division


The ultimate mission of the Reports Analysis Division (RAD) is to ensure that campaigns and political committees file timely and accurate reports that fully disclose their financial activities.  RAD is responsible for reviewing statements and financial reports filed by political committees participating in Federal elections, providing assistance and guidance to the committees to properly file their reports, and for taking appropriate action to ensure compliance with the FECA.  By enforcing the rules in a fair and objective manner, RAD fosters the electorate’s faith in the ultimate integrity of the nation’s political process.

Picture of the Reports Analysis Division Analysts

The Reports Analysis Division is composed of 45 analysts tasked with reviewing approximately 50,000 financial reports per year. Each analyst is assigned 250-500 committees and is available to assist committee representatives over the phone on a daily basis. The division assists committee officials in complying with reporting requirements and conducts detailed examinations of the campaign finance reports filed by political committees. RAD also implements the agency's Non-Filer and Administrative Fine programs, prepares reports filed on paper for scanning, and ensures that itemized transactions are properly entered and categorized in the FEC database. For more information, see our Overview of the RAD Review Process [pdf].

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