The following is a list of the abbreviations used in this publication to identify the party labels that appeared on the various state ballots for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House candidates in the 1998 primary and general elections. The designation of a party label by a candidate may vary from state to state due to differences in state law. The party label listed may not necessarily represent a political party organization.

AFD Anti Federalist
AIP American Independent Party
AMC American Constitution Party
AMH American Heritage Party
C Conservative Party
CNC Concerned Citizens Party
CPP Concerns of People Party
CST Constitutional Party
D Democratic Party
DC D.C. Statehood Party
DFL Democratic/Farmer/Labor Party
DNL Democratic-Nonpartisan League
FRE Freedom Party
FUS Fusion
GRN Green Party
GRT-VT Grassroots Party of Vermont
I Independent
IAP Independent American Party
IDP Independence Party
I-P Independent Progressive
IP Independent Party
L Liberal Party
LBT Libertarian Party
LMN Legal Marijuana Now
LMP Legal Marijuana Party
LU Liberty Union Party
MRP Marijuana Reform Party
MNT Minnesota Taxpayers Party
N Nonpartisan
NJC New Jersey Conservative Party
NJI New Jersey Independents
NL Natural Law Party
NP Nominated by Petition
NPA No Party Affiliation
NPP New Progressive Party
NTX New Hampshire Taxpayers Party
O Other
PAC Pacific
PAT Patriot Party
PFP Peace and Freedom Party
PL Pro Life Party
PLC Pro Life Conservative
R Republican Party
RC Reform Congress
REF Reform Party
RTL Right to Life Party
SSS Save Social Security
SOC Socialist Party, USA
STO Stop HMO Abuses
SWC Socialist Workers Campaign
SWP Socialist Workers Party
TL Term Limits
TXP Taxpayers Party
U Unenrolled
UM Umoja Party
USP U.S. Pacifist Party
UST U.S. Taxpayers Party
W Write-In

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