1998 U.S. House of Representatives Results

ELECTION TYPE                       PRIMARY          RUNOFF         GENERAL 
CANDIDATE NAME          PARTY     # OF VOTES  %   # OF VOTES %   # OF VOTES  % 

     LOUISIANA*                                                              November 3rd    

DISTRICT 1                                                                                   

(I) Livingston, Robert L. "Bob" R                                              Unopposed         

DISTRICT 2                                                                                   

(I) Jefferson, William J.       D                                                102,247   85.96 
    Reed, David                 D                                                 10,803    9.08 
    Veal, Don-Terry             D                                                  5,899    4.96 

          Total District Votes:                                                  118,949         


DISTRICT 3                                                                                   

(I) Tauzin, W. J. "Billy"       R                                              Unopposed         


DISTRICT 4                                                                                   

(I) McCrery,"Jim"               R                                              Unopposed         


DISTRICT 5                                                                                   

(I) Cooksey, John C.            R                                              Unopposed         


DISTRICT 6                                                                                   

(I) Baker, Richard              R                                                 97,044   50.74 
    McKeithen, Marjorie         D                                                 94,201   49.26 

          Total District Votes:                                                  191,245         


DISTRICT 7                                                                                   

(I) John, "Chris"               D                                              Unopposed         


             Total State Votes:                                                  310,194         

* In July 1998, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit affirmed the action of the District Court in the case of Love, et al v. Foster and McKeithen (remanded from the U.S. Supreme Court), which established November 3, 1998, as the date of the 1998 Congressional election with a runoff to be held on December 5, 1998, if necessary. The ruling preserved all provisions of the current state election code with the exception of the provisions which establish the dates on which members of Congress are elected.

Section 511 of Title 18 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, as amended, provides that a candidate who receives a majority of votes cast for an office in a primary election is elected. When no candidate achieves a majority, the two top vote-getters, regardless of party, go on to a runoff election. This section also provides that a candidate who is unopposed in the primary is declared elected by the people and is not listed on the ballot in either the primary or general election. In 1998, the runoff election, scheduled for December 5, 1998, was not necessary.

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