This publication has been prepared by the Federal Election Commission to provide the public with the results of elections held in the fifty states during 1996 for the offices of United States President, United States Senator and United States Representative. Also included are the results for Delegate to Congress from American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands and Resident Commissioner in Puerto Rico. In addition, there are results for the elections to fill the unexpired Senate term in Kansas, the unexpired House of Representatives term in Missouri, and the special general and run-off elections in Texas. The Commission undertakes this project on a biennial basis in order to respond to public inquiries.

The elections for the office of United States Senator and United States Representative are administered by local election officials in towns, counties, municipalities, and other jurisdictions. The results of the elections are certified by the state government, which in most cases is the Secretary of State. While the full records are available for public inspection, most states prepare summary reports for public dissemination. These summary reports vary in form and content, and may be amended well after the election. There is no standard format that states use in reporting federal election results.

Recognizing a need to bring together in one place the Federal election results, the Commission presents this publication as the eighth in a series designed to provide an accurate, historical record of Federal election results. Included in this publication are the official results of primary elections and run-off elections held in 1996. As in the case of the general elections, primary elections are not administered by the federal government. In some states (such as Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia), political party organizations control their nomination process by way of conventions. In other states, state law may regulate the primary and/or its administration.

Data is based on official figures provided by State election officials, and includes results amended through May 1997. If the election results are modified in the future, the Commission will supply errata supplements as necessary.

The assistance provided by the State election officials and their staff in gathering this data is greatly appreciated. This publication has been prepared as a research tool for Commission staff and State election offices. Additional copies may be ordered from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), U.S. Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Virginia 22161. 703/487-4650.



Compiled by: Eileen J. Canavan, Deputy Assistant Staff Director for Disclosure
Map Design: R. Blake Lange, Administrative Division

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