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The FEC is currently redesigning its website. This page hasn't been redesigned yet, but it still contains the most up-to-date information.

Campaign Finance Statistics

This page provides access to data tables that summarize campaign financial activity by filer type, election cycle and reporting period. The numbers in all of the tables from the 1999-2000 cycle through the 2009-2010 cycle on this page were generated in April 2013 to provide data for certain periods that had not previously been available. The figures in these tables will vary from numbers that were originally calculated at the close of the reporting period due to amended reports taken into account in the April 2013 calculations.

In addition, the party tables accessible through this page were regenerated in March and April 2014 to maintain consistency with the methodology used to calculate the numbers in previously published tables.

The original press releases published for some reporting periods prior to the 2013-14 cycle, with accompanying tables issued at the end of the relevant cycles, are available on the press release page.

Important Note: Data tables for congressional candidate committees, national party committees, political action committees, independent expenditures and electioneering communications are available for each semi-annual period in non-election years, and available quarterly in election years. Presidential data tables are available semi-annually beginning in the year preceding presidential elections, and quarterly in presidential election years.

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        Data Prior to 1989:
        The data prior to 1989 is not available in the same format as later data. In order to provide the public with the most reliable campaign finance summary data for earlier election cycles, we've organized historical data summary press releases by election cycle and committee type for election cycles prior to the 1989-1990 cycle. We've also made available all independent expenditure filings in Excel and PDF formats.

        1987-1988 1985-1986 1983-1984 1981-1982 1979-1980 1977-1978 1975-1976

    Formula Calculations for Statistical Tables

    The data tables presented through the Campaign Finance Statistics web page were generated in the spring of 2013 using the formula calculations linked below.

    Formula Calculations for Statistical Tables: Election Cycles from 1989 through 2010

    Formula Calculations for Statistical Tables: Election Cycles after 2010


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