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E&J Citation Index

The Citation Index lists numerically, then chronologically, all regulations that have a written Explanation and Justification (E&J).

For each regulation listed, the index provides the subject and the year the rule took effect. (For notices prior to April 2005, the page number in the Paper Version of the Compilation is also included.) Be aware that a citation may cover different subjects over the years. The conversion tables trace the periodic reorganization and renumbering of regulations. The Appendix lists previous citations for any current regulation that has been renumbered. Users of this Compilation are referred to the Appendix by an asterisk next to the subject category in this index. If the E&J simply explains an amendment to the regulation, but not a change in Commission policy or citation, only the year and the page are given for the E&J. To locate a particular E&J for a regulation, simply look up the citation, then match up the subject and year, and click on the Year/Link listed.

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The Citation Index is organized in seven sections:


1. Non-FECA Regulations, Parts 1-8

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2. General, Parts 100-116

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3. Administrative, Parts 200-201

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4. Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA), Parts 300-454


5. General Election Financing, Parts 140-145; 9001-9007, 9012

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6. Convention Financing, Parts 107, 120-129 and 9008

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7. Presidential Primary Matching Fund, Parts 130-135, 9031-9039


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