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Testimonials from Past Attendees


"Great examples of real life circumstances. Leaders worked really well together. Willing to answer individual questions. Very approachable." ... A 2016 conference attendee.

"I loved the practical application examples." ... A 2016 conference attendee.

"The presenters did an outstanding job. Everything was presented in a very clear manner, and they answered questions thoroughly. I am in Phoenix, so I really appreciated being able to attend by web. The web moderators did a great job of answering questions in chat. I have been doing PAC reporting for about 10 years, and this is the first time I have been able to attend training. I learned a great deal. It really should be mandatory for all new PACs." ... A recent webinar attendee.

"Having attended many of these conferences now, I continue to learn something new at each, whether from the dialogue between attendees and workshop leaders or from incidents that have come up since the last conference that I need to have clarified, especially in the area of what is a "rule" and what is a "best practice"."... A PAC administrator for a corporate PAC.

"Very good information for both those new to the area and those with more experience; the best webinar I've attended from a technical perspective." ... A recent PAC webinar attendee.

"Very good speakers - They really know the information, rules... etc. Can respond to questions authoritatively."... A state party committee representative.

"I have always wanted to attend FEC's training seminars but have been unable to make it to the actual place where the seminar is being held. This webinar provided a way for me to finally participate and learn more plus seek answers I had questions on." ... A recent PAC webinar attendee.

"Staff was very informative, helpful and accessible. Excellent!" ... A staff person for a government affairs consulting company.

"Overall I learned a great deal; I am now more aware of where to look and what to watch for." ... A treasurer for a campaign.

"This was my first FEC conference and I learned a lot. Thank you for making staff available and accessible for informal Q/A." ... A general counsel for a political party.

"1. The webinar made it possible to connect to the authoritative voices at FEC, even though we can't afford to travel and there was no regional seminar in our needed timeframe. 2. Concrete examples were great teaching tools! ...The webinar made it feasible for volunteers to participate, essential for smaller campaigns in areas distant from DC." ... A campaign representative attending via webinar.

"Very good - lots of good information, presented in a way that was easy to understand." ... A CPA for various labor union PACs.

"This was my first conference, I was very pleased with the understanding of the FEC filings, and I would recommend this to anyone."...A government affairs representative for a corporate PAC.

"I enjoyed the conference very much and feel that it provided a great deal of information that is very helpful in completing our reports and meeting the FEC requirements."...A federal candidate committee representative.

"As always a great conference. Speakers very responsive to audience and surely knew the material." ... A corporate PAC treasurer with 25 years experience.

"It was over the top ... You guys presented a very complex subject in a very informative way. Also, all your staff has a great attitude of 'How can I help you?'" ... A CPA that advises a state party and a Congressional campaign.

"I liked the Commissioners themselves presenting. Very informative and presentations very clear. The Q&A session was brilliant. Great idea!" ... A director of state relations for a trade association.

"Always enjoyable. Learn something new every year." ... A corporate PAC treasurer with 10 years experience.

"The style, it was what I consider to be a good learning conference, the sessions were more than just a lecture, you learned, they were interactive with good valid discussions, the leaders were those who knew answers adn could discuss. It was all about learning, lunches included."... A corporate PAC representative.

"Overall quite informative ... a necessary event for candidates or potential candidates." ... An assistant treasurer for a campaign.