FEC -- Audit of the Data Entry Contracts: Executive Summary

Federal Election Commission

Office of Inspector General -- Audit Report

Audit of the Data Entry Contracts: Executive Summary

September 30, 1994

If you require the entire printed version of the audit report, contact the Office of Inspector General, Federal Election Commission, 1050 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20463 or call Dorothy Maddox-Holland, Special Assistant, phone: (202) 694-1015, fax: (202) 501-8134, or e-mail: dmaddox@fec.gov.
Executive Summary

The Federal Election Commission is responsible for collecting and maintaining reports filed under the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA). As part of this responsibility, the FEC contracts a private firm to convert data contained on coded documents, as filed by political committees and others, into a prescribed machine readable format (magnetic tape). The Office of Inspector General conducted an audit of the Data Systems Development Division, Data Entry Contract SOL 90-1 and solicitation for the new contract, RFP 94-1. The audit disclosed that the solicitation process of Data Entry Contracts SOL 90-1 and RFP 94-1 was in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation System (FAR). In addition, the results of the audit revealed that the contractor had adequately adhered with the terms and conditions of Data Entry Contract SOL 90-1. Lastly, the OIG concluded that the internal controls are adequate to ensure the invoices received from the contractor for payment are accurate and are processed in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act.