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The FEC is currently redesigning its website. This page hasn't been redesigned yet, but it still contains the most up-to-date information.


OIG HOTLINE - Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse

If you are aware of fraud, waste, mismanagement, or abuse in FEC programs and operations, report it to the FEC OIG's Hotline!

Individuals who provide information to the Office of Inspector General on allegations of fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement of FEC programs and operations may do so in one of 3 ways:

(1) Provide information anonymously, or
(2) Provide information, provide your identity and contact information, and request that your identity be protected, or
(3) Provide information, and provide your identity and contact information with no restrictions.

You can submit your complaint by these methods: 

Call Mail
1-202-694-1015 Federal Election Commission
(Collect calls accepted) Office of Inspector General
999 E Street, NW
Fax Room 940
1-202-501-8134 Washington, DC  20463



PLEASE NOTE:  The OIG cannot guarantee confidentiality or security of complaints submitted to the OIG through the OIG's email address; although unlikely, other individuals including FEC officials could read information submitted via email.  Therefore, alternative methods are provided to submit complaints.