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Reports Analysis Division

Campaign finance analysts within the Authorized and Party/Non-Party Branches assist committee officials in complying with reporting requirements and conduct detailed examinations of the campaign finance reports filed by political committees. If an error, omission or prohibited activity (e.g., an excessive contribution) is discovered in the course of reviewing a report, the analyst sends the committee a letter which requests that the committee either amend its reports or provide further information concerning a particular problem. By sending these letters (RFAIs), the Commission seeks to ensure full disclosure and to encourage the committee's voluntary compliance with the law. Analysts also provide frequent telephone assistance to committee officials and encourage them to call the division with reporting questions or compliance problems. The Compliance Branch within RAD administers and tracks committee compliance in regards to the Non-Filer and Administrative Fine programs. The Reports Processing Branch processes incoming campaign finance disclosure reports from federal political committees, enters data into the disclosure database from the reports, and makes the reports and data available to the public.

Deborah Chacona, Assistant Staff Director

Deborah Chacona

Debbie joined the FEC in 1992 as a RAD Campaign Finance Analyst. In 2000, she became Branch Chief of the Party/Non-Party Committee Branch in RAD. She received her B.S. in Paralegal Studies from the University of Maryland and her B.A. in Political Science and Communication Studies at the State University of New York, College at Oswego.



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